Oceanfront Golf: Scenic Coastal Courses at SC Resorts

Title: Oceanfront Golfing Splendor: Scenic Coastal Courses at South Carolina Resorts

The resplendent South Carolina coastal landscape houses several of the world’s premier golfing destinations. Myrtle Beach, the crown jewel, offers picturesque oceanfront resorts boasting unparalleled scenic coastal golf courses. These exquisite fairways are bordered by panoramic sandy beaches, sparkling turquoise waters, and lush green vegetation, providing an enchanting golfing experience for amateurs and seasoned professionals alike.

There are over eighty golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area, with more than a handful set against the beautiful backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. A fusion of nature’s beauty and ingenious golf course design, these oceanfront resorts provide the ideal setting for an unforgettable golf vacation. Let’s explore a few of these golfing havens.

1. The Dunes Golf and Beach Club: Designed by Robert Trent Jones, the Dunes is a course set against the Atlantic Ocean backdrop, providing the golfer with breath-taking views during their game. The course, known for its “Waterloo” (13th hole) and having hosted the Senior PGA Tour and Women’s U.S. Open, is a must-visit for any golf enthusiast.

2. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club: Nicknamed “America’s 100 Greatest Public Courses,” Caledonia offers a rustic charm miles away from the typical clamor synonymous with beach resorts. Known for its stunning aesthetics and thoughtful construction, the Caledonia provides both recreational and competitive golfers hours of joy, all while feasting their eyes on the surrounding coastal beauty.

3. Tidewater Golf Club: Tidewater’s course is considered the region’s “Most Scenic Layout.” Here, the greens meet the sea, providing out-of-this-world views of the Cherry Grove Inlet, Intracoastal waterway, and the Atlantic Ocean. Ranked as one of the top golf courses in the country, Tidewater offers a harmonious blend of challenging golf and natural scenic beauty.

4. Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club: Jack Nicklaus, the legendary golfer, designed this course, and it bears all the marks of his architectural genius. The Pawleys Plantation Golf Course provides stunning sightlines, challenging pin locations, and a round of oceanfront golf that players remember for a lifetime.

5. Grande Dunes Resort Club: Overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway, Atlantic Ocean, and Marina Inn, the Grande Dunes, a Roger Rulewich Group design, epitomizes luxury golf. It won the “National Golf Course of the Year” award by the NGCOA, offering a remarkable blend of expansive Bermuda grass fairways, subtle undulating greens, and quiet coastal charm.

Aside from unparalleled golfing, these resorts also offer a suite of luxury amenities. Lavish accommodations, world-class dining facilities, spas, pools, and water sport activities ensure a complete holiday experience for couples, families, or even solo travelers.

To get the most out of your SCP golfing experience, make sure to book a tee time. The spring and fall seasons are the ideal months for golfing, featuring warm temperatures and stunning visual displays from blooming and falling foliage.

The beauty of golf lies in its marriage with nature, and South Carolina’s scenic coastal courses embody this union to perfection. Famous designs, challenging layouts, splendid vistas, and luxury accommodations are the unforgettable hallmarks of golf in South Carolina’s resorts.

Golf is meant to be more than a game; it’s an experience, as the oceanfront courses of South Carolina clearly demonstrate. Beyond the serene views and the titillating challenges of their courses, there lies the allure of the game itself – the patient cultivation of tactics, the precise swing of the driver, and the indescribable joy of that perfect putt. Therein lies the beauty of golf – a game that is as unpredictable as the sea it borders.

As a writer for this popular golf blog and a proud Myrtle Beach local, I highly recommend exploring these sensational golfing resorts embed in the heart of South Carolina. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a leisurely golfer or just a visitor passing through, a round of golf played lying beside the vast expansiveness of the Atlantic Ocean is honestly an experience unmatched.

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  1. Alright, this post is just making me all sorts of envious! With winter creeping up on me from Canada,I’m stuck here daydreaming about these courses. A couple of them, like Caledonia Golf & Fish Club and Dunes Golf and Beach Club, have been on my bucket list for years. I guess this is just another sign that I really need to make that trip down south. A round of golf with an ocean view is calling my name.

  2. Great write-up! Your descriptions of the courses are spot on. Played at Tidewater and the Dunes during a trip last fall, and apart from the world class fairways, the views are just awe-inspiring. Pure golfing bliss, if I may add. By the way, has anyone experienced the spring golfing season at Myrtle Beach? Might plan a trip around that time next year.

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