Palmetto State Golf Trails: Exploring SC’s Golfing Regions

Title: Palmetto State Golf Trails: A Journey Through South Carolina’s Premium Golfing Regions

South Carolina, fondly dubbed as The Palmetto State, spoils golf enthusiasts with unrivaled golf experiences. A tour down the Palmetto State Golf Trails unveils the state’s lush landscapes, unique history, and, most significantly, its top-tier golf courses renowned worldwide. Top among these alluring golfing regions in South Carolina is the identified jewel of the East Coast- Myrtle Beach, the prominent Lowcountry, and the state capital’s Midlands region.

Myrtle Beach: The Miniature Golf Capital of the World

In the Grand Strand— a 60-mile stretch of pristine beaches along the Atlantic Coast— sits the golfing Mecca known as Myrtle Beach. Housing about 70 golf courses, this city earns its reputation as the ‘Miniature Golf Capital of the World.’

Notably, Myrtle Beach boasts some of the most highly-ranked golf courses designed by illustrious architects. The Dunes Golf and Beach Club, a Robert Trent Jones creation, stands as a premier golf course featuring undulating fairways lined with live oaks, meandering water hazards, and elevated green complexes.

The homegrown Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, designed by Mike Strantz, is another significant course arrayed with distinctive features, such as the live oaks draped with Spanish moss, making it one of the most scenic trails in Myrtle Beach.

South Carolina’s Lowcountry: Verdant Splendor with Coastal Sensations

Moving away from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s Lowcountry hosts some of the most picturesque golf courses with sterling reputations going far beyond its state borders. Hilton Head Island— crowned as the No. 10 Golf Island in the world— provides an encapsulation of the Lowcountry region’s golfing splendors.

Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head, with a captivating waterfront view, is a heavenly union of beauty and challenge. The golf course, frequently a PGA TOUR stop, is undeniably a lowcountry golfing masterpiece, where golfers can play under towering oaks and among lagoons and salt marshes.

Further south of Hilton Head is another awe-inspiring golf trail- Kiawah Island. The Ocean Course has gained global fame for its challenging greens, thanks to the Atlantic breezes, and an unencumbered view of the ocean from every hole, infusing a unique coastal flavor into the golfing experience.

Midlands Region: Legacy Courses and Championship Greens

South Carolina’s Midlands region encapsulates Columbia and its surroundings, bringing an enchanting blend of essential history and golf. The distinguished Aiken Golf Club, filled with piney woods and azalea bushes, exudes a vintage charm where one can relish a traditional golfing experience.

Columbia, the state’s capital, hosts the Riverbanks Zoo and Fort Jackson, the nation’s largest military training base. Here we find the prestigious Fort Jackson Golf Club, comprising of two 18-hole courses- Wildcat and Old Hickory. With accommodating fairways, mature trees, and well-maintained greens, both these courses, open to the public, provide an enticing challenge to golfers of varying skill levels.

South Carolina’s Palmetto State Golf Trails wander through regions rich in nature, history, and architectural grandeur. Whether you’re a seasoned player, a casual enthusiast, or new to the sport, the Palmetto State Golf Trails offer memorable golfing experiences, attaching a unique thread of the South Carolingian spirit to each round. Undeniably, the golf trails of the Palmetto State summarize the sentiment of the great Arnold Palmer: “Success in golf depends less on strength of body but more on strength of mind and character.”

In the end, the Palmetto State Golf Trails are more than just about championship greens and captivating landscapes; they perfectly encapsulate the heart and soul of South Carolina, offering a compelling invitation to explore, discover, and fall in love with both the sport of golf and the state itself.

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  1. 70sTeeOffGentleman

    Ah, takes me back to my younger days! Spent countless hours playing on the miniature golf courses at Myrtle Beach with my buddies in the 70s. My swing might not be as good now, but I’ve surely managed to instill love for the game in my grandkids. Coming across a gem like this, I’m tempted to pack the clubs and have one more go at the Dunes Golf Club. After all, you’re never too old for golf, eh?

  2. Stunning post! I’ve been lucky enough to play a couple of rounds at Myrtle Beach, and it’s a golf paradise indeed. Nothing quite like teeing off with the Atlantic breeze in your hair. Looking forward to exploring more of these trails in the near future. Hey, has anyone tried out the course at Hilton Head? Any tips? P.S. The Arnold Palmer quote was a hit. He truly was the King!

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