Golf Resort Pools: Making a Splash after Golf

Title: Golf Resort Pools: The Perfect Splash after a Myrtle Beach Golf Day!

As the sun casts long shadows over the meticulously groomed fairways of Myrtle Beach’s exceptional golf resorts, golfers retreat from the green, storing away their clubs after another invigorating day of golfing challenges. Incidentally, the Myrtle Beach golf experience doesn’t end on the 18th hole, as visitors and locals alike know. Some of the most satisfying moments of the day can be found basking in the refreshing embrace of a resort pool!

Yes, golf resort pools in the Grand Strand are making quite a splash in the golfing scene! Not merely an amenity on a promotional brochure, these pools have evolved into destinations of their own. They serve as a tangible extension of the golfing atmosphere, allowing you to swap out your weighty golf shoes for some cozy flip flops, and your golf club for a fruity cocktail.

In Myrtle Beach, these resort pools come in all shapes and sizes catering to different preferences and provide a welcome respite after an exciting day on the golf course. From infinity pools offering mesmerizing views to those equipped with pulsating jets for your aching muscles, these watering holes are just as varied and vibrant as the region’s golf course offerings.

Highly on the list of favorites is the Barefoot Resort & Golf, one of the most renowned golf destinations on the East Coast. Boasting the largest saltwater pool in South Carolina, Barefoot Resort perfectly fulfills post-golf relaxation with its pool equipped with an expansive sundeck and surrounding palm trees. It’s a tropical paradise that fits your sun-soaked mood perfectly after a day of golfing.

It’s impossible to mention golf resort pools in Myrtle Beach without a salute to the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes. This upscale resort offers a heated infinity-edge pool overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway, with poolside food and beverage services to ensure an uninterrupted relaxation regime.

Those looking for a resort pool with additional family-friendly features will find the Kingston Plantation Condos a charming selection. The resort’s splash pool is accompanied by a lazy river that the kids will undoubtedly love. Wave goodbye to putting greens and say hello to gentle waves as you soak up the warmth of the South Carolina sun.

True Blue Golf Resort in Pawleys Island offers an exceptional golfing experience that extends to the water. After you finish your round, head to the outdoor Jacuzzi, where warm, swirling waters provide a therapeutic massage for tired muscles, ensuring you’ll be in top form for another day of golfing.

If you’re staying in North Myrtle Beach, be sure to check out the secluded pool at Tidewater Golf Club and Plantation. Nestled amidst landscaped gardens, the pool offers stunning views of the waterway and the golf course, allowing you to continue soaking in the resort’s serene atmosphere even after you’ve retreated from the links.

Although not directly part of a golf resort, it would be remiss not to touch on the North Beach Plantation’s pools, hailed as the ‘water wonderland.’ With a swim-up bar, private cabanas, and an impressive network of lazy rivers and hot tubs, it’s the perfect place to unwind after playing golf at any of the nearby golf clubs.

The transformative experience of easing from the rigor of golf into the tranquility of a pool under the Myrtle Beach sun is unparalleled. Luxury golf resorts around Myrtle Beach understand this, going above and beyond to offer more than golfing satisfaction. They realize that the play does not stop on the course – and their exceptional pool amenities prove just that.

These golf resort pools in Myrtle Beach are truly the perfect way to make a splash after a golf day. After all, what’s better than trading your golf cart for a pool noodle, your visor for sunglasses, and basking in the cool, refreshing embrace of a resort pool as you relive the day’s best putt! So tee off to your heart’s content, then plunge into the aqua grandeur of a golf resort pool, and let your perfect day in Myrtle Beach carry on into the sunset.

2 thoughts on “Golf Resort Pools: Making a Splash after Golf”

  1. Quite an interesting read! I visited Myrtle Beach last summer and stayed at the Barefoot Resort. The saltwater pool is truly as marvelous as you’ve described. It was a fabulous way to unwind after a whole day on the course. I’m definitely checking out the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes on my next trip though. A heated infinity-edge pool sounds like a dream! Anyone happen to know if they offer night swimming?

  2. Beverly_GolfGuru

    Haha, this post has raised the bar for my golf getaways. The North Beach Plantation’s pools sound like a golfers paradise (sans the golf). You know it’s been a successful golf day when you’re trading your golf cart for a pool noodle.

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