Mountain Golf: Dramatic Vistas at Upstate SC Golf Resorts

South Carolina, known as the “Golf State,” is a mecca for golf enthusiasts worldwide. The expansiveness of the golf courses, coupled with the captivating scenery and pleasant weather, makes this state an ideal destination for golf enthusiasts. While beach-side golf courses in Myrtle Beach are a golfer’s paradise, our focus shifts upstate today – to the majestic mountain golf courses encased within the tranquility of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

### The Allure of Mountain Golf

Mountain golf presents a dramatic contrast to the coastal strip’s sea-level course. Upstate SC’s golf resorts are nestled in the Appalachian mountain range, offering perfectly manicured fairways slashed into pine forests and aligned with cascading waterfalls. The awe-inspiring views and hilly terrains present unique challenges that will stimulate any avid golfer.

### Mountain Golf Courses to Visit in Upstate SC

#### The Cliffs at Glassy

Positioned 3,000 feet above sea level on the cliffs of Glassy Mountain, The Cliffs at Glassy golf resort is renowned as one of the most scenic golf courses in the United States. Here, the craggy peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains serve as a splendid backdrop to rolling fairways and hanging lies. The Tom Jackson-designed championship golf course is highlighted by its sharp elevation changes, requiring golfers to strategize their shot placement.

#### The Preserve at Verdae

Wrapped in the middle of verdant forest, The Preserve at Verdae offers a perfect blend of golf, nature, and luxury. The sheer brilliance of this William Byrd-designed masterpiece lies in the preservation of natural landscape and the immaculate course design. As golfers traverse across the 18-hole championship course, they can’t help but appreciate the transition from open, link-style holes to narrow, tree-lined fairways.

#### Cherokee Valley Course and Club

This golf resort, set in the backdrop of Table Rock Mountain, features challenging terrains, stimulating course design, and picturesque landscapes. The P.B. Dye-designed course ventures through undulating fairways, intricate roughs, and strategic water hazards. Golfers can enjoy a memorable round while dating unspoiled views of the North Carolina border.

### Tips for Mountain Golfing in Upstate SC

Mountain golf introduces a few changes in game technique. The altitude and slope affect ball flight and landing behavior. Here are a few tips when you tee off in the mountains of Upstate SC:

– Expect your shots to carry further due to lower air pressure. It’s recommended to club down to maintain distance control.
– Uphill lies tend to produce higher ball flights, thus reducing the distance. Accounting for these changes and adjusting your swing can help improve your game.
– Remember that putting on mountainous greens can be tricky. Pay close attention to the break and aim to get a feel for the greens throughout your round.

While they may pose unique challenges, mountain golf courses also offer unmatched scenic beauty and tranquility. The mountainous landscapes of Upstate SC are an integral part of the South Carolinian golfing experience, providing a harmonious blend of demanding golf and breathtaking views. These golf destinations genuinely represent the vibrant soul of our state. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a casual player, these mountainous terrains promise a fascinating round of golf, making for an unforgettable mountain golf experience.

You don’t need to travel across the globe to enjoy picturesque landscapes and premier golf; Upstate South Carolina has it all. We look forward to welcoming golf lovers to our stunningly scenic – and incredibly challenging – mountain-laced golf resorts.

2 thoughts on “Mountain Golf: Dramatic Vistas at Upstate SC Golf Resorts”

  1. Stellar article with helpful insights! I’ve been to Myrtle Beach many times, but never knew that SC also boasts such amazing golf resorts in the mountains. Will definitely add The Cliffs at Glassy to my bucket list. Can anyone who’s played there comment on how demanding the elevation changes are?

  2. SarahThompson321

    Great read! Took a weekend trip to The Preserve at Verdae last summer and absolutely loved it, the scenery was just gorgeous and the course was indeed a blend of golf, nature, and luxury, as the blog suggests. Found the tree-lined fairways a bit intimidating though, anyone have any tips for handling those?

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