Lowcountry Golf: Historic Courses and Resorts near Charleston

Immerse in the Charm of Lowcountry Golf

The southern coastline of South Carolina, known as the Lowcountry, is not just renowned for its marshy landscape, historical architecture, Black-American Gullah culture, and delectable cuisines, the Lowcountry also boasts of some of the most celebrated golf courses in the nation. Nestled between ancient oak trees draped with Spanish moss, tranquil inlets, and miles of pristine beaches, these golf sanctuaries render a picturesque touch like no other courses worldwide. It’s amidst this scenic ambiance that we find the true essence of golf in Myrtle Beach.

Historic Golf Courses

Getting right to the heart of American golf history, one of the prominent names which come forth is the Yeaman’s Hall Club. Established in 1925, the course was designed by Seth Raynor, one of golf’s master architects. This members-only club is recognized for its undulating fairways, challenging bunkers, and meticulous greens that genuinely reflects the original design intentions of its creator.

A few miles away from Yeaman’s, we have the Country Club of Charleston. This course was the design inspiration of Seth Raynor’s protege, John Rennie, but was later modified by the legendary Donald Ross. It is a traditional layout where Ross’s design philosophy “easy bogey, hard par” is most evident. With a stunning backdrop of the Ashley River, the course’s signature hole is the 11th, known as the “Redan hole”, which is said to be one of the greatest short par-4s in America.

Further inland, we find the Cassique Course at Kiawah Island Club. Designed by Tom Watson, this links-style course is known for its challenging layout and sweeping ocean views.

Golf Resorts: Turn your Golf Detour into a Pleasure Vacation

The Lowcountry doesn’t just stop at golf; it’s also home to some of the best golf resorts that offer a luxurious golfing experience. The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort is a classic example. This 5-star, Southern style hotel offers 255 rooms and suites, each with private balconies providing stunning views over the Atlantic ocean or lush, manicured surroundings. Not to mention, the resort offers five championship golf courses catering to different levels of golfing abilities.

Closer to Charleston, the Wild Dunes Resort stands out as an authentic Lowcountry golfing experience, with two award-winning 18-hole courses designed by the world-renowned architect Tom Fazio. The resort’s Links Course weaves its path around sand dunes and coastal vegetation, offering breathtaking Atlantic Ocean views.

Conclusion: Embark on Your Lowcountry Golf Journey

The golf scene in the Lowcountry region isn’t just about the beautiful fairways and lush greens against enchanting landscapes. It’s about the rich history embedded in the soil where the seeds of American golf were sown. It’s about the pristine ocean views that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s about the local cultural experiences that add a unique layer to your golfing adventure.

With its historic courses designed by the golfing geniuses of the past, luxurious five-star golf resorts overlooking the Atlantic, and the unique southern charm and hospitality, the Lowcountry golf scene is truly one of a kind. Whether you are a serious golfer or a casual enthusiast, a golf trip to this part of the world is a must. In Myrtle Beach and around Charleston, every day spent can be a day well played. Welcome to the heart of American golf – the Lowcountry.

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  1. Great article! I was lucky enough to play both the Yeaman’s Hall Club and the Country Club of Charleston during a golfing trip last year, and they are truly amazing courses. The history and charm in those places are palpable. That ‘Redan hole’ is something else, makes you rethink your entire strategy for short par-4s.

  2. Pars_and_Birdies

    Interesting read! I’ve never had the chance to visit the Lowcountry, but it sounds like a fantastic golfing destination. Any recommendations for golf resorts in the region for non-golfing family members (I’m thinking spa services, kids’ activities)?

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