Golf Resort Nightlife: Dining, Bars, and Entertainment

The pristine beaches, gentle southern breezes, and world-class golf courses have always made Myrtle Beach a magnetic tourist destination. Yet, once the sun sets and the final putt has found its home, the city has so much more to offer. As a Myrtle Beach local and avid golf enthusiast, I’ve explored the vibrant nightlife scene in the city. Allow me to give you a tour of the dining, bars, and entertainment options that have become an indispensable part of the perfect golf vacation at Myrtle Beach.

A Bounty of Delightful Cuisines

While seafood is widely celebrated here, the dining scene in Myrtle Beach goes beyond just seafood. Whether you’ve spent your day chasing birdies or enjoying the surf, there’s a dining experience tailored to your preferences.

For golfers with a penchant for seafood, Sea Captain’s House serves fresh catches with a view of the ocean. For land lovers, New York Prime won’t disappoint with their juicy prime steaks. If the vibrant and energetic vibe is your style, then Art Burger Sushi Bar is the place for you. They serve gourmet burgers, sushi, liquid nitrogen cocktails and offer stunning views of the boardwalk and ocean. For fusion cuisine, CO Sushi in Market Common Myrtle Beach serves innovative sushi and Asian dishes. Although dietary restrictions can be accommodated with ease, it’s always recommended to check in advance.

Celebrate the Right Swing at the Right Bar

The bars in Myrtle Beach cater to all tastes, from tropical cocktails at waterfront Tiki bars to the potent brew at dive bars.

Dead Dog Saloon in Murrells Inlet is an unforgettable place, serving drinks and tales of a ghost dog named Dudley. If craft beer is up your alley, then Myrtle Beach has several breweries that promise a delightful libation. New South Brewing is a microbrewery celebrating southern traditions with their ales, stouts, and lagers.

Mixing luxury with pleasure, TopGolf Myrtle Beach has a rooftop terrace bar where golfers can enjoy a drink or two accompanied by a beautiful view of the city lights. The 8,000-square-foot venue also offers competitive golfing games for all age groups, making it the perfect place to unwind.

Entertainment Options to Swing your Mood

From thrilling shows to live music and dancing, Myrtle Beach has an array of nighttime entertainment options.

The Alabama Theatre, home to ONE – The Show, is an entertainment extravaganza that has been delighting audiences since 1993. The production showcases a variety of music genres, including country, gospel, Broadway, pop, and rock.

Golfers with a love for comedy might find themselves at Carolina Improv, where professional comedians perform humorous skits and challenges based on audience suggestions.

Moreover, you can venture into The Bowery, known as the “8th Wonder of the World.” This oceanfront bar and restaurant, open since 1944, is a magnetic spot offering live music, cold drinks, and a dance floor.

Stroll Along The Boardwalk

The famous Myrtle Beach Boardwalk provides ample entertainment options. One can simply enjoy a leisurely stroll, stop by restaurants and souvenir shops, or capture the stunning panoramic view from the SkyWheel, which stands over 200 feet tall offering a bird’s eye view of the Atlantic Ocean.

In conclusion, while Myrtle Beach has gained a well-deserved reputation among golfers for its outstanding courses, it’s also home to a vibrant nightlife that offers a perfect mix for everyone. Follow your golf day with a dining experience of your choice, a mellow or lively night at the bar, and end your night at one of the entertaining events. Then wake up the next day, ready to revel in another golf-filled day in the paradise that is Myrtle Beach.

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