Budget Golf: South Carolina’s Most Affordable Golf Resorts

It’s no secret that Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is often regarded as a golfers’ paradise. The city on South Carolina’s northeastern coast hosts over a hundred exquisite championship golf courses that offer tempting challenges to golf aficionados of varying skill levels. While it’s true that some of these splendid links come with a higher price tag, Myrtle Beach also offers a bounty of budget-friendly golf resorts that pack a serious bang for your buck. Welcome to South Carolina’s most affordable golf resorts!

Myrtle Beach National – King’s North

Award-winning architect Arnold Palmer has left a prominent mark on Myrtle Beach’s golf landscape with King’s North at Myrtle Beach National. This premier course has been a fan favorite for over 25 years as it manages to mix challenge and fun in equal measures. There are a number of tricky hazards and gigantic fairways, punctuated by the iconic par-5 sixth known as ‘The Gambler’. Best of all, King’s North manages to offer all of these premier features without draining your wallet, a rarity in today’s golf world!

Wild Wing Avocet

Named after the black-and-white bird that graces South Carolina’s wetlands, Wild Wing Avocet is an enduring golf resort that’s famed for its affordability and accessibility to golfers of all expertise. Offering arguably some of the most interesting greens in Myrtle Beach, Avocet showcases several multi-level putting surfaces that elevate the thrill of the game. This 18-hole golf course, nestled amidst a serene woodland setting, is a must-visit for every budget golfer.

Witch Golf Links

Despite a spooky sounding name, Witch Golf Links provides a gentle and budget-friendly approach to golf. Situated amidst a breathtaking natural reserve of wetlands and forests, Witch Golf Links boasts over 4,000 feet of scenic bridges that weave magically through the environment. Over 500 acres of tranquil peace and isolation make this golf course not just budget-friendly, but also a unique retreat away from the hustle and bustle.

Burning Ridge Golf Club

Burning Ridge Golf Club, once a 36-hole venue and now an 18-hole phenomenal golf space, offers affordability and challenge all rolled into one. It boasts a serenely beautiful setting and a uniquely friendly staff that enhances your overall golfing experience. With its thoughtful design and generous prices, Burning Ridge Golf Club sets the perfect stage for your affordable golfing adventure.

Indian Wells Golf Club

Blend affordability with great layout, terrific customer service, and a finishing hole voted as one of the Grand Strand’s best, and you’ll find yourself at Indian Wells Golf Club. This golf resort is perfect for the budget-conscious golfer who craves rustic and natural charms of the game. It’s known for its consistent conditioning and a friendly layout that encourages golfers to think their way around the course.

In the end, what truly makes Myrtle Beach golf so interesting is the incredible variety. From reimagined classics like King’s North to scenic delights like Witch Golf Links, there are affordable golf resorts to suit every type of player. Myrtle Beach golf provides not just an escape, not just a challenge – but a variety of experiences that make every round feel like an adventure.

So why wait? Tee off at these budget golf resorts in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and experience an unforgettable golfing journey that won’t break the bank. Remember, it isn’t just about the price but the memories you make on the fairways and greens along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

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