Lowcountry Golf: Historic Charleston Golf Resorts and Courses

Embracing Golf Glory in the Charm of Lowcountry

Charleston—the meeting ground of warm breezes, salt air, and sweet magnolias—is as much a part of the esteemed game of golf as the courses themselves are. This particular corner of the world, famous for its American historic relevance, is equally renowned for hosting some of the most picturesque and challenging golf courses in the country. These resorts and courses hold invaluable treasures of the Lowcountry golf scene, providing endless fascination for both ardent historians and passionate golfers.

The Birthplace of Golf in America

Charleston holds a unique position in American golf history. The Harleston Green, established in the late 1700s, is often cited as the nation’s first golf club. While the original course no longer exists, Charleston continues to bear this heritage. Today, the city is home to more than 19 stunning golf courses, each uniquely echoing the area’s rich history.

A Showcase of Legendary Courses

The Lowcountry’s legend begins with the scene-stealing Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort. Known as one of Pete Dye’s masterpieces, this layout has seen its fair share of historic moments, from the infamous ‘War by the Shore’ Ryder Cup in 1991 to the 2012 and 2021 PGA Championships.

Charleston holds other equally captivating courses in its golf portfolio. A short drive from downtown leads to the Wild Dunes Resort, where Links and Harbor courses provide equally breathtaking coastal views. The Links Course is a Tom Fazio original, featuring an exhilarating finishing hole overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Considered by many as Lowcountry’s hidden gem, the Patriots Point Links in Mount Pleasant serves a golf vista quite unlike any other. The course, a modern marvel at the edge of Charleston Harbor, offers a panoramic view of the city’s historic skyline, the Ravenel Bridge, and Fort Sumter.

A Blend of Luxury and Southern Charm

Although golf is undeniably the main attraction, it’s the nuances of southern hospitality and charm that complete Charleston’s golf experience. The Sanctuary, a luxurious hotel at Kiawah, epitomizes Southern grandeur with fine dining, lavish accommodations, and warm, attentive service.

Charleston’s culinary delight can rival its golfing prowess. Locally sourced menus abundant in seafood, grits, and southern classics like fried green tomatoes reflect the Lowcountry’s culinary landscape at its finest. Complement that with the stunning golf course settings for dining, and the result is an exceptional dining experience.

Immerse in Golf with a Feel of History

Golf in Charleston is so much more than just a game—it’s a rich sensory experience within a centuries-old historic setting. Winding along fairways, the golfers catch glimpses of pre-colonial trees, Civil War-era forts, and historical plantations. The subtly changing sea breeze, the intermittent dance of elegant herons, and the chirping cicadas constantly remind one of the course’s deep connection to its natural surroundings.

To understand the depth of golf’s roots in the Lowcountry, a visit to the South Carolina Historical Society Museum is a must. Here, golf enthusiasts can learn about the Harleston Green and the evolution of golf in this historical region.

In the Heart of American Golf

The Lowcountry golf scene provides a fascinating convergence of past and present, offering not just unforgettable rounds of golf, but also an immersive historical experience. The allure of Charleston’s golf resorts and courses lies in this perfect blend of challenging golf, southern charm, historic relevance, and breathtaking natural beauty.

Ultimately, to tread on these courses is to walk in the footsteps of both golf legends and the past southern gentry. For a golf enthusiast, a visit to Charleston is nothing short of a pilgrimage—a testament to the historic charm that only enhances the love of the game in the heart of the American golf scene.

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