Golfing the Lakes: Top Resorts on Lakes Marion and Murray

Title: The Splendor of Golfing the Lakes: Top Resorts on Lakes Marion and Murray

Living in Myrtle Beach, one inevitably becomes fond of two things: the expansive azure shorelines and the lush green golf courses. Today, however, we shall deviate slightly from the coast and journey amidst the verdant heartlands of South Carolina, where immersion in nature means tackling 18 holes surrounded by shimmering lakes in golf courses that have perfected the balance between challenge and reward. On the shores of Lakes Marion and Murray, you’ll find sanctuaries for leisure, sports, and scenic beauty – truly, golfing paradises.

The heart of Santee Cooper Country is Lake Marion, South Carolina’s largest lake and a favorite destination among anglers and water enthusiasts. Near its shores lay two golf resorts worthy of their renown – Santee Cooper Resort and Wyboo Golf Club.

Santee Cooper Resort, home to the Lake Marion Golf Course, is a showpiece with its majestic oaks, sweeping doglegs, sparkling streams, and ornamental grass that dart through emerald fairways and greens. The course offers lush green fairways lined with a rich variety of trees showcasing the region’s abundant natural beauty. Avid golfers will relish the challenge of navigating its water hazards and strategically placed bunkers.

A gem within Santee Cooper Resort is the charming residences, ranging from charming villas to luxurious condos, ensuring golfers and vacationers an idyllic and restful escape from the day’s hustle.

A short drive away, the Wyboo Golf Club is another pristine retreat nestled along Lake Marion’s banks. The course, recognized by the South Carolina Golf Ratings Panel, features a terrain punctuated by lagoons, lateral water hazards, and natural wetlands. The rolling fairways, tiered greens, and thick roughs test golfers of all skill levels. Paired with the breathtaking views of the Lake Marion, the Wyboo Golf Club promises a golf experience steeped in beauty and challenge.

From Lake Marion, our journey winds towards Lake Murray, home to another pair of renowned golf resorts – the Timberlake Golf Club and the Mid Carolina Club.

By definition, Timberlake Golf Club is the epitome of golfing the lakes. The course, designed by renowned architect Willard Byrd, sits on the peninsula overlooking Lake Murray, offering golfers an unbroken panoramic sweep of blue bordered by lush greenery. Apart from the spectacular vistas, Timberlake impresses with its impeccably maintained rolling fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and slick, smoothly undulating greens. The resort’s lodgings maintain a balance between elegance and comfort, thereby providing a sanctum of rest and relaxation.

Not far from Timberlake, the Mid Carolina Club provides its unique blend of charm and challenge. Despite lacking the lakeside view, this 18-hole course captivates with its diversity of finely manicured slopes, well-placed hazards, and a variety of tee areas catering to all skill levels. This well-maintained course is flanked by gorgeous southern pines and flowering shrubs, adding a breath of fresh color and charm to your golfing experience.

At the heart of these resorts and their prestigious golf courses is a shared commitment to providing not only riveting golfing experiences but also exceptional hospitality and leisure amenities. Whether it’s indulging in delectable southern grills, rejuvenating spa treatments, or the thrill of water sports on the adjacent lakes, these golf resorts are assured to satiate your desire for relaxation and adventure.

Golfing the Lakes Marion and Murray presents a unique blend of natural beauty, sport, and hospitality that imprints indelible memories on those who indulge. Whether you aim to conquer the challenging fairways, enjoy luxurious resort living, or merely bask in the spectacular beauty of these lakeside golf havens, an adventure on these verdant landscapes promises to enrich your love for the sport and lifestyle of golf. The tranquility that flows from these waters into these landscapes, the thrill that resonates with each stroke, and the noble spirit embraced by these resorts are experiences to be cherished beyond the 18th hole.

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  1. Just updated my bucket list! The wife and I are planning to hit South Carolina next year and these resorts just sound heavenly! I’ve got my eyes on Timberlake Golf Club – a course designed by Willard Byrd plus that panoramic lake view…sign me up! I just hope the water hazards are forgiving ?.

  2. Great write-up. I haven’t had the pleasure of playing at Santee Cooper Resort yet, but now it’s definitely on my radar. The captivating beauty of its surroundings seems to elevates the sport beyond just 18 holes. Has anyone played a round there who could share their experience?

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