Golf Architecture Spotlight: The Signature Courses of South Carolina Resorts


South Carolina, fondly celebrated for its glorious beaches, charming hospitality, and rich history, also happens to be one of the ultimate destinations for golf lovers. This enchanting place is best exemplified by the splendid golf courses in the Myrtle Beach, commonly referred to as the ‘Golf Capital of the World,’ acclaimed worldwide for their stunning beauty and intricate architecture.

A glimpse of South Carolina’s Golf Courses

Within South Carolina, you’ll find more than 300 public and private golf courses, each providing a novel combination of natural beauty and architectural creativity. The impeccably crafted Greens create an experience that’s a treat for seasoned golfers and enthusiasts alike. The spell-binding allure, combined with the state’s mild climate, create an ideal environment for year-round play.

Signature Courses in South Carolina’s Resorts

Among these numerous golf courses are signature designs located within resorts, some of which are world-renowned, iconic establishments. Let’s delve into some of these masterpiece courses for a closer look.

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club

A Robert Trent Jones original and flagship design, The Dunes is a classic gem nestled in Myrtle Beach resort. With its maiden run back in 1949, it’s famed for the stunning 13th hole, affectionately dubbed ‘Waterloo,’ which oversees the magnificent Singleton Swash. This course offers a blend of history, architecture, and fairway overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, creating a captivating experience for golfers.

The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort

The Ocean Course is by far one of the most revered in all of South Carolina. Proudly designed by Pete Dye, this championship course has hosted notable tournaments like the Ryder Cup and the PGA Championship. This gem of a course flaunts its panoramic vistas and formidable wind, both elements contributing to a thrilling golfing experience.

Barefoot Resort & Golf

The Barefoot Resort & Golf in North Myrtle Beach comprises four exceptional courses designed by golf legends – Tom Fazio, Pete Dye, Davis Love III, and Greg Norman. Each course distinctly reflects its designer’s philosophy, making for an eclectic mix of challenges and play styles.

Harbour Town Golf Links at Sea Pines Resort

Harbour Town Golf Links, famed for its candy-striped lighthouse behind the 18th hole, offers a demanding yet rewarding golf experience. This iconic Pete Dye and Jack Nicklaus collaboration attracts players with its strategic layout and the breathtaking views of the Calibogue Sound.


Whether it’s the timeless allure of The Dunes, the seaside challenge of The Ocean Course, the designer diversity of Barefoot Resort, or the strategic test at Harbour Town, South Carolina’s signature golf courses offer unique experiences to golf enthusiasts. Their striking architecture, coupled with the state’s enchanting landscapes, are a testament to the art of golf course design and the rich sporting culture of South Carolina.

For any golfer, whether seasoned, novice, or just curious, a trip across these signature courses throughout South Carolina resorts is an absolute must. Enjoy the blend of beauty, history, challenge, and relaxation that these architectural masterpieces offer, and immerse yourself in the vast, verdant landscapes of South Carolina’s golfing paradise.

5 thoughts on “Golf Architecture Spotlight: The Signature Courses of South Carolina Resorts”

  1. Great read! As a South Carolina native and avid golfer, I couldn’t agree more. The Dunes Golf & Beach Club is an absolute gem. The history and beauty of the 13th hole’s ‘Waterloo’ still takes my breath away.

  2. Amazing! You’ve just given me a bunch of new golf course bucket list items. Now, to save up for those green fees… South Carolina, here I come!

  3. Dumb question – does Harbour Town Golf Links have candy in the lighthouse? Kidding aside, I love how this course pops up in discussion. Definitely, one of the more strategic courses out there.

  4. Having hit just about all these greens, I can attest to their allure. Kiawah Island is a personal favorite – a pleasant blend of challenge and wonder. Ah! The good old wind adding a twist to any handicap.

  5. Been golfing in SC for a while, but haven’t tried out all of these courses yet. Barefoot Resort is next on my list – excited to experience each designer’s unique twist!

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