Corporate Golf Retreats: Networking and Relaxation at SC Resorts

As a regular golfer and Myrtle Beach local, one thing has become abundantly clear, South Carolina’s Grand Strand is a premier destination for corporate golf retreats. The appeal of Myrtle Beach with its exquisite golf courses and top-notch resorts has attracted the likes of corporations from near and far to combine networking, business development, and relaxation. A corporate golf retreat in Myrtle Beach isn’t just about improving your technique, it’s about creating relationships, bonding with colleagues, and developing business strategies in a relaxed environment.

Myrtle Beach: Golf Mecca with Southern Charm

Myrtle Beach is home to nearly 100 golf courses, each telling a different story through their distinctive designs, challenging holes, and breathtaking surroundings. From Arnold Palmer-designed courses to Tom Fazio’s masterpieces, you are guaranteed a diverse and premium golfing experience. These courses have been crafted to challenge every level of golfer, making it the perfect destination to host corporate golf retreats.

The area also exudes a southern charm that is welcoming and engaging, offering seaside escapades, succulent seafood, and endlessly beautiful sceneries that captivate all your senses. Coupled with the regions’ mild climate, it makes for an opportunity to golf all year round.

Resorts: Catering to Corporate Needs

Corporate golf retreats in South Carolina’s Grand Strand aren’t complete without the luxury and comfort provided by the array of resorts. The likes of Marriott’s OceanWatch Villas and the Marina Inn at Grand Dunes not only offer the finest accommodations but multi-functional spaces suitable for corporate meetings, team-building exercises, and networking events.

With state-of-the-art facilities, spacious meeting rooms and banquet halls, these resorts cater to all the needs of a corporate retreat while ensuring a seamless and relaxing experience. Both resorts (and many others) have been recognized for their excellence in hospitality, making them an obvious choice for corporations seeking an ideal combination of work and relaxation.

Coupling Work and Play

Myrtle Beach, lined with verdant fairways and pristine, white sandy beaches, is the ideal place to strike the right balance between work and play. The morning can be reserved for strategy sessions in sophisticated boardrooms, followed by an afternoon on the golf course, honing skills and building integral relationships in a relaxed setting.

Team building takes on a whole new meaning as participants face the challenge of the courses together, enabling them to develop not just golf skills, but communication, cooperation, and leadership abilities as well. It’s these moments, shared outside the traditional office environment, that often spark innovative ideas or new business perspectives.

Networking Opportunities Abound

South Carolina’s golf resorts offer a perfect setting to network, both casually and formally. A round of golf is a fantastic ice-breaker or relationship builder with employees, potential clients, or existing partners. The relaxed atmosphere allows for genuine conversations, often leading to strengthened business relationships.

Evening dinners at the resort’s award-winning restaurants or terrace BBQs provide further opportunities to network and relax after a productive day, allowing relationships and conversations to fortify over exquisite cuisine and stunning twilight views.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with its world-class golf courses and resorts, is undeniably a premium choice for corporate golf retreats. The fusion of work and play not only boosts morale and strengthens relationships within a team, it also provides platforms for networking and business development in a relaxed environment. This region delivers an intoxicating mixture of southern charm and golfing prowess, making it an incomparable choice for a successful and memorable corporate retreat.

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